Invest just a little today, and you’ll have more for tomorrow…

From retirement funding to purchasing high-quality mechanical equipment, the idea that spending a little more saves you exponentially down the road is proven. You’ve done your research and purchased a great RV, now you deserve to reap the value of your investment year-after-year.
This is why RV Armor was invented in the first place.

Extend your RV roof’s life by…a lifetime

RV Armor is a revolutionary, seamless and maintenance-free roof membrane explicitly designed for RVs and travel trailers. The company’s founders were raised in a multi-generational roofing business, so it made perfect sense to combine all that wisdom and experience and create a lifetime-solution for many of the problems plaguing RV and travel trailer owners – like leaks, punctures, tears, erosion, and pests.

RV Armor pays for itself and then some

Your upfront cost will be recouped and will pay you back over a lifetime of RV maintenance savings. Some of RV Armor’s guaranteed savings include:

First-time savings

At only half the cost of a traditional RV roof replacement job, RV Amor saves you money from the get-go. Plus, our technicians come to you for installation – at home, an RV park, your current campgrounds or place of business – so you don’t have to spend any time or energy taking your RV in for repairs.

Lifetime savings

Because the product is designed to be seamless and incredibly durable, it will last for the lifetime of your RV. In fact, we’re so sure of it, we offer a LIFETIME guarantee on the materials and labor. Planning to sell the RV? We’ve got you and future owners covered with a warranty which is fully transferable and travels with the RV via its VIN.

No more roof maintenance expenses

We’re road warriors ourselves, so we know the road conditions your RV is up against. This is why we designed RV Armor to be:

  • Leak-proof
  • Resistant to fungus, acids, salts, and chemicals
  • UV protected, including reflective properties to improve energy efficiency and interior comfort
  • Treatment-free — there’s no seal, coating, or anything to be applied year after year ​(when we say maintenance-free, we mean it!)
  • The ability to stand up to temperatures ranging from -75 F to +350 F

Are you ready to enjoy a one-and-done, lifetime return on your RV roof? Contact RV Armor System soon and take advantage of our year-end sales.

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