Leaks in your RV roof are a hassle leading to extra work and expense. By the time you see leaks inside your RV, substantial damage has already been done. Many owners become frustrated when leaks keep reappearing, but an innovative solution exists which will permanently eliminate these concerns. Here is why getting an RV Armor roof will bring you a brighter future.

Fixing Leaks Before They Start

You will save yourself from years of worry by having RV Armor install a new roof before leaks start. This amazing upgrade will protect the inside of your RV. It will improve energy efficiency by keeping your heated or cooled air inside. Our proprietary solution guarantees this installation will be the last roof you ever need. We back this claim with a warranty which includes parts and labor.

One of the immediate advantages of choosing RV Armor is how convenient it is to have installed. We send dependable team players to your United States location to perform the installation. The new roof can be applied over any existing roofing material.

Boosting RV Value

Your maintenance-free roof brings you peace of mind. It also raises your resale value should you ever want to trade it in. The transferrable warranty goes with the VIN. Another value increase is the beautiful aesthetics which keep your vehicle looking attractive. Colors include white, gray and tan. RV buyers like that they will never have to drain their money on unpredictable maintenance costs again.


Richard and Karen Straight are RV owners from Havana, Michigan. They said the RV Armor presentation they attended was very impressive. They hired a passionate team member to install a new roof to prevent future leaks. The cost of this renovation was worth it to save them from dealing with expensive roof repair down the road. “Not only did he do a great job with the roof, he did a great job with customer service relating to the customer,” Richard confirms. Ultimately, the new roof increased the resale value by $5,000.

Every RV owner appreciates the freedom to travel or live in a park without the distraction of leaks, which can lead to extensive damage. Explore our services at RV Armor to learn more about how our solution will provide you with a new roof guaranteed to last a lifetime.