Every residential RV homeowner wants the comfort in knowing they live in a safe, durable vehicle. ​

One of the keys to ensuring the longevity of your travel trailer is to use RV Armor as an affordable, convenient and permanent protective solution. Here’s a deeper look at why RV Armor is such a reliable and long-lasting roofing solution.

What Is RV Armor?

RV Armor is a family roofing company that’s been in business since the fifties, led by third generation roofing contractor President Lee Thaxton. As an RV’er and developer, he’s gained knowledge on waterproofing and leak prevention. It has led to his development of a liquid known as RV Armor for roofing installers. This substance has a lifetime fully transferable material and labor warranty.

How Does It Work?

Installing RV Armor can be done while you live in your trailer. Professional roofers will come to your location to install your new roof. The system is both puncture and tear resistant and allows for flexible movement and road conditions. The liquid comes in three colors: white, gray and tan. It’s designed to reduce the outside roof temperature, keeping the interior cool.

Since RV Armor is a cooling system, you won’t need to use air conditioning as much, which will cut your energy bills. The system provides Superior Solar Protection due to the use of UV stabilizers. As a solvent base, RV Armor prevents the growth of mold and other living organisms.

After the commercial grade roof membrane liquid dries, it becomes part of the custom, seamless leak-proof roof. The solution can handle extreme temperatures as low as negative 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees. Since RV Armor contains plenty of antioxidants, it’s resistant to cracking, chalking and fading. It’s also resistant to fungus, salt, acids and a wide variety of chemicals.

Getting Started

The first step in getting lifetime protection for your RV is to contact RV Amor, which serves the entire United States. Roofing contractors will come to your RV park, campground or wherever you reside to install your new roof. The solution works on any type of RV roof, whether it’s made of fiberglass, rubber, metal, TPO, vinyl or wood.

Ultimately, you can cut half the cost of normal RV maintenance by applying a one-time solution to your trailer. Contact an experienced roofing specialist at RV Armor today to learn more about a maintenance-free roof for your RV.