The beauty of owning an RV is it gives you the freedom to travel and live a fantastic, economical lifestyle.

It’s one of the best ways to beat the rising cost of living while exploring the country. The main drawback for some people is ongoing repair work, but RV Armor has an amazing solution to guarantee a maintenance-free roof for its lifespan.

Key Reasons for Getting RV Armor

  • affordable: up to 50% less than a tear off and replacement
  • used on fiberglass, rubber, metal, and wood
  • cool and quiet high-performance system
  • installed by certified technicians across America
  • a permanent solution with a lifetime warranty

Taking the Fear Out of Roof Replacement

As an RV owner, replacing your roof may not be at the top of your agenda due to the complexities and costs you may have heard about or experienced in the past. RV Armor, however, simplifies the process and cuts out the negatives. Instead of worrying about hauling your rig somewhere and leaving it to get fixed, RV Armor will come to your location, do the prep work and install a new permanent roof, often in less than a day.

Last Roof Your RV Will Ever Need

Curing takes about four hours and then you will have virtually no roof maintenance from then on. The result will be a durable, flexible, and impressive roof which is resistant to water, puncture and UV light. This reflective, waterproof roof provides energy savings and attractive aesthetics. It’s so strong it resists the common degrading effects of the sun, wind, rain, and snow. Furthermore, it will be able to withstand even extreme temperatures. The RV Armor Roof Membrane and System is a permanent solution guaranteed with a lifetime warranty on material and labor which is fully transferable. RV Armor is such a dependable, dynamic and proven solution, that you will rarely need to get on your roof again or worry about replacing it.
If you prioritize convenience and durability, RV Armor is a reliable, superior and guaranteed solution for a long-lasting roof. Reach out to us at RV Armor to learn about this incredible premium service by calling 1-855-782-7667.