Keeping your RV on the road for your next adventure requires regular maintenance along the way.

Issues with your RV’s roof – such as leaking – can cause unwanted headaches beyond routine maintenance.
With an RV Armor roof, however, you eliminate the unwanted task of climbing up on the roof to inspect things and fix seams and small leaks. RV Armor roofs are not only built to last but also require little or no maintenance.
That said, there are a few things you can do to keep your RV Armor roof in tip-top shape.

Inspect Your Roof Frequently

One of the many advantages of an RV Armor roof is you can apply it on any camper roof, such as fiberglass, rubber, metal, and wood. An RV Armor roof is watertight, puncture-proof, and durable enough to stand up to the sun’s most intense UV rays.
Keeping your roof clean after installation typically requires you to occasionally rinse it with water to get rid of any dirt and debris which naturally accumulates while you’re on the road.

Low to No Maintenance

When you read that RV Armor roofs require little or no maintenance, it means just that. You can say goodbye to the days of climbing up on your roof to make small repairs and say hello to more time spent traveling with your friends and family. Even its installation process is convenient as an RV Armor technician will come to you no matter where you are and install your new roof without disrupting your trip.

Keeping your roof clean is the one maintenance task you shouldn’t ignore.Using a water-based cleaner, such as Simple Green or Totally Awesome, along with a soft brush and your garden hose is the best way to give your RV Armor roof a bit of extra care.
If you’d like to spend less time repairing and maintaining your RV’s roof and more time having fun, then give the specialists at RV Armor a call. They provide extraordinary service no matter where you may be in the U.S.