One of the primary drawbacks to owning an RV involves regular costly maintenance work. Most RVs have rubber tops, which require the most amount of inspection and maintenance. A new innovative solution known as RV Armor, on the other hand, is based on a custom multi-layer roofing design which can protect any trailer for life.

How does RV Armor provide protection?
RV Armor is a premium roof membrane system guaranteed to be free of leaks and maintenance for life. The system takes two or three days to install but this work can be done while you occupy the coach. The system’s psi tensile strength of 2140 equates to a system which can withstand even harsh environmental elements.
The design is strong enough to be puncture and tear resistant. Not only does this roofing system cut maintenance bills, but it also makes your vehicle more energy-efficient. It will be cooler in the summer, reducing to need to use air conditioning.

How is RV Armor maintenance-Free?

As a solvent-based solution, the RV Armor Roof System can prevent mold from growing on your exterior. Unlike traditional roofing, this system uses a liquid which dries into a seamless roof to resist the effects of extreme hot or cold weather.
There are multiple reasons why RV Armor adds durable protection to any trailer. The solution is full of state-of-the-art components. It is comprised of UV stabilizers which protect your surface from sunlight damage. It’s also full of antioxidants which prevent cracking, chalking and fading. Once your new roof is installed, it will be resistant to fungus, salt, acid, and harmful chemicals.

Where can I get RV Armor?

If you want a permanent roof for your RV with a custom formulation which eliminates the need for maintenance, consider RV Armor. Our roofing system can be installed at your current location. Contact us at RV Armor to learn more about lifetime protection for your trailer while saving money on maintenance and energy.