A motorhome roof replacement can be a major inconvenience. Fortunately, with the innovative technology and superior customer service of RV Armor, that inconvenience just got tons easier. ​
The installation crew comes to you
No matter if your RV is parked in your driveway, in a park, or in a campground, the RV Armor installation crew will come to your location. This saves the time and hassle of bringing the RV to a dealership, leaving it, then coming back to retrieve it. None of that needs to happen!

The professionals do the motorhome roof replacement on-site and at your convenience. You can even keep living in the RV while the work is being done.

Lifetime, Non-Prorated Warranty

It is the last time you will ever need to worry about a motorhome roof replacement.

RV Armor comes with a lifetime warranty. Your roof will not crack, chip, peel or streak. Because it is solvent based, you don’t even have to worry about fungus or mold growth. A quick wash or rinse (optional) every once in awhile is about the only thing you will need to do.

Selling In The Future?

What’s more, the warranty for the motorhome roof replacement is fully transferable when you sell your RV which is a major selling point. Plus, it is non-prorated. That means if there is a problem in five years you get the same full warranty that you would have if a problem occurred the day after installation.

Don’t let the thought of an RV roof replacement get you down. Go with the premium, seamless roofing system that RV Armor brings to you.