Donations small and large keep nonprofits serving the community.

Here at RV Armor we want to be a blessing to our fellow man. We have found an outlet for our business to give back to the community through Mission on Wheels.

Who is Mission on Wheels?

Mission on Wheels is a non-profit organization which houses volunteers on site at disaster relief sites across the US. They use RVs for housing volunteers. They get donations from private donors, corporate donors, grants and local churches for repairs and upkeep of the RVs.

They remodel the RVs to serve the needs of the volunteer crews, using some of the trailers solely for sleeping and others are for showers and kitchens.  The bunkhouse trailer provides housing for a 5-7 person team.

Recently, in October 2018, they set out to Refugio, TX to support long-term recovery volunteers working to rebuild from hurricane Harvey, deploying a bunkhouse trailer and shower trailer. They keep a watchful eye on events happening all around the US to see where they might be needed. Check out their Facebook page to follow their support around the country and see how you can get involved: