Why do you own an RV in the first place? You want to travel and have fun!

Needing roof repairs can become a huge hassle and could even result in injury if you fall off the roof. How does RV Armor help you have more fun?

Toward a Seamless RV

You can rest assured you won’t have leaks from seams because this system is seamless. You won’t have to worry about future maintenance bills opens the door to travel in your RV as often as you want. Once we complete your roof, the celebration of your great American road trip begins.

You don’t need to go someplace and be without your RV for weeks to get your roof replaced or repaired. RV Armor techs come to you! Setting up an appointment for a new roof can happen when you’re traveling or at home. One of the traveling team members can take the worry out of having your roof done. RV Armor techs are able to come to any property in the United States.

Why choose a do-it-yourself method? It can lead to more maintenance problems down the road. You’ll have better long-term results using RV Armor due to superior solvent qualities. Less work means more enjoyment. This is a plus if you have retired or are planning to retire.

While the team members work on your beautiful new roof, you can go enjoy yourself. The renovation process involves applying several layers of our proprietary innovative roof design. The job will be complete within three days. Then your countdown to miles of freedom and exploration begins.

RV Armor Advantages

This roof system is lightweight so it won’t weigh you down while you’re traveling. You’ll be able to get better gas mileage because of it. Now you can save money for other fun adventures along the way. Better energy efficiency will allow you to crank up your air conditioning in the summer.

Your roof will be resistant to ripping and protected against other environmental elements. These include mold, salt, fungus or effects from adverse weather. The solvent includes UV stabilizers which protect your roof from sunlight. This is the cause of fading on typical RV roofs. The solvent also encompasses antioxidants to prevent cracking and chalking.

The warranty is second to none – not only is it for the lifetime of the coach; it’s full value transfers if you ever sell! That means you’re actually making an investment which will keep value. RV Armor is a family run business, in business since the 1950s. You can feel good knowing we’re committed to long-term solutions.

Another advantage to this roofing solution is its aesthetics. The liquid comes in white, gray, and tan, which are excellent colors to match many other colors. The coating will lower the outside roof temperature. This keeps the interior cooler.

You’ll notice road conditions won’t affect your roof. Your RV will have year-round utility once the coating dries. This is because it can withstand extreme freezing or hot temperatures. It can be applied to any RV roofing material, including metal, rubber, or fiberglass.

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Once you’ve made the decision to go with a roof to last a lifetime, you can begin planning your trip around America. Popular destinations are usually RV parks and campgrounds; study where these sites are. Having the confidence in such a premium solution allows you to plan longer trips to any part of the country.

National parks and monuments are fantastic attractions for RV travelers. From Los Angeles to Miami, Seattle to New York, and all the states between, there is plenty to see. Here are some of the key places to visit on a trip.

  • Yosemite National Park
  • Las Vegas Strip
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Rocky Mountains
  • French Quarter, New Orleans
  • Kennedy Space Center, Florida
  • Everglades, Florida
  • Washington Monument
  • Independence Hall, Philadelphia
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Niagara Falls
  • The Great Lakes
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Glacier, Montana
  • Space Needle, Seattle
  • Crater Lake, Oregon
  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • Golden Gate Bridge

Imagine all the amazing photography and stories you’ll be able to collect! Your RV will give you the true taste of freedom many Americans can only dream about.

If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy your RV, take the necessary actions to make it your stress-free home on wheels. Having the RV Armor roof system applied is your key to the trailer’s longevity. Treat your RV to a permanent upgrade and it will return the favor for years.