RV Armor is the desired replacement roof for RV owners because it’s stronger and lasts longer than conventional solutions.

It can also be applied to custom repair work. Here are the important steps you need to take to prep your vehicle for roof repair or replacement the traditional way unless you prefer RV Armor handling these details for you.

Cleaning Your Roof

​For a traditional repair or replacement job, it’s crucial to remove vents, antennas or any other protrusions on your roof. RV Armor, however, handles all the necessary prep work, making it a more convenient and efficient choice. It doesn’t matter what your existing roof is already made of, whether it’s fiberglass, rubber/EPDM, TPO, metal, wood or other materials. Furthermore, RV Armor works with all types of motorhomes and semi-trailers.

Choosing a “do it yourself” method has disadvantages, such as applying treatments incorrectly or relying on a temporary sealant. If you don’t know what you’re doing it can lead to more expensive maintenance. RV Armor takes the complexities out of the equation by manufacturing a custom solution that eliminates seams and exposed sealants. It’s a proprietary solution in which only certified RV Armor technicians can perform.

Read and Understand the Warranty

Whoever you decide on to fix your RV will offer a warranty if they are reputable. The problem with typical warranties is the terms are often written in a confusing way for the consumer. RV Armor makes it clear that their warranty is good for the life of the vehicle and is even transferrable.

Set an Appointment

You have the option of driving your RV to a conventional repair center, which means you will have to do the prepping yourself. Since there usually aren’t RV repair shops on all over town, it potentially means burning excessive fuel to travel to the nearest RV repair specialist. When you choose RV Armor, the company comes to your location. A certified technician from RV Armor’s national workforce can travel to any U.S. RV residence.

The process of applying all the layers of RV Armor’s roofing membrane system may take 2-3 days to complete because it’s important to allow the process to cure.
If you seek an affordable and convenient solution to RV roof repair or replacement, reach out to us at RV Armor to learn more about our reliable, superior service. Then enjoy a guaranteed permanent maintenance-free solution.