You’ve already narrowed your choices down to those which provide the highest durability, the ease of professional installation anywhere in the country, and a lifetime, transferable warranty. But now comes the hard part: what color?
You know that a white rooftop improves your RV’s energy efficiency, but you also wouldn’t mind one which matches your coach’s color, but there lies the problem. How do you know your RV’s exact color?

How To Find The Color in Your RV

The easiest way to learn your RV’s specific color is to find the color code printed on the vehicle itself. The exact location of the code depends on the RV’s make and model. Sometimes the code can be found inside one of the cabinets or closet doors. It may also be found alongside the VIN (vehicle identification number). If you can’t find your color code, give your RV’s manufacturer or dealer a call. If the code is printed on the vehicle, they should be able to tell you where. If your color code isn’t printed on your RV, you still have avenues to finding it.

The first is to take your coach to a local body shop. A well-equipped body shop will have the equipment necessary to match your vehicle’s color with the color codes of various paint suppliers. The downsides to this method are possible cost and how long it could take.

The Easy Way to Match Color

However, if you’ve chosen RV Armor for your roof replacement, your color matching has gotten a whole lot easier. The team members at RV Armor can match any Sherwin Williams color, which means you can use the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap Visualizer. Their iOS/Android/Web app can help you match your RV’s color to any of the 1500 colors they produce. With this information and a bit of extra time, the RV Armor crew can customize your rooftop and then have it installed in 2-3 days at half the cost of other RV roofing alternatives.
Of course, replacing an RV roof involves more than picking its color. You need a dependable roof to protect you, your family, and your investment. If you would like to learn more about how RV Armor can do that and more, reach out to us to learn more about our premium services.