Some RV manufacturers pride themselves on quantity. They supply RVs to a growing market of RV enthusiasts looking for inexpensive, basic fun. Other RV manufacturers, like New Horizons, prefer to take their time, to create exquisite, custom-made RVs. At RV Armor we are dedicated to improving every RVer’s experience, so we happily install our tough, long-lasting RV roof protection in campgrounds, driveways, parking lots — and in the New Horizons factory.

New Horizons

When you order a beautiful, spacious New Horizons RV — whether you opt for the Summit, Majestic, or a toy hauler — you get the best of the best. Why not protect your investment, coddle your new baby, and get more fun out of your RV by protecting it from the very start with an RV Armor roof?

New Horizons RVs are not for everyone. Meant for year-round enjoyment and built for years of worry-free fun, these are homes in every sense of the word. With real wood cabinets and luxurious furniture, these superior RVs offer up to 48 feet of comfort and beauty in all seasons.

Explorers, travelers, tourists, free spirits, and sports fans all enjoy the finest living in New Horizons fully customizable RVs. They are truly homes on wheels, not just two-week vacation vehicles.

RV Armor

Once you realize a New Horizons RV is your full-time home, you want to treat it with the care it deserves. You would protect the roof of a home anchored to the ground, right? So of course you want to protect your New Horizons RV roof, too.

By opting for RV Armor as a factory-installed feature of your new recreational vehicle, you can safeguard your investment from the very beginning of its life.

With a partnership between New Horizons and RV Armor, you can prepare for a lifetime of fun by having a worry-free roof protecting you through every mile, every sunset, every spring rain.

The RV Armor lifetime warranty covers material and labor, is fully transferrable, and is tied to your New Horizons RV by the RV’s VIN. You get:

  • No maintenance
  • No resealing
  • No worries

To learn more about having an RV Armor roof, with its Lifetime Warranty, installed on your dream RV by New Horizons, please contact us today. We can explain how our expert installers can protect your New Horizons RV at the factory, so your RV’s roof is protected from the moment it rolls out the door.